College dating safety tips

Fraternities and upperclassmen have abused this type of publication to “target” naive freshmen.GET ORIENTED: Participate in all the orientations the school has to offer. School administrators are faced with the reality that stronger policies and practices need to be implemented to address campus sexual assault.One of the key elements to how activists and administrators alike hope to make a difference is through prevention programs.

Always lock your doors and your windows at night if you’re on the 1st AND 2nd floor.

In the Residence Halls• Always lock your door; even when you’re sleeping or just going down the hall.• Do not allow strangers to enter your room or your complex.

Do not open your door unless you can identify the person seeking entry.• Do not let unknown individuals “tailgate;” ask who they are visiting and offer to call the University Police Department.• Do not prop any exterior doors open to allow unescorted visitors into the residence hall (pizza delivery, friends, etc.).• Report lost or stolen residence hall keys immediately to your residence hall staff.• Report any malfunctioning locks, doors or windows to your residence life staff.• Do not leave your keys lying around in your room when you are not in the room.• Do not leave messages on your door about when you will be returning to your room.• Tell a roommate or friend if you are planning to be away overnight or for a few days.• Report any suspicious persons or activities (including solicitors) in or near your residence hall to your residence hall staff and University Police.• Secure your valuables and engrave expensive items with identifying information.• Always lock your doors and windows at night, especially if you reside on the first or second floors.• Do not leave your identification, keys, wallets, checkbooks, or other valuables in open view.• Get to know your RA, residence life staff and neighbors.

Make a mental note of where ‘blue light ‘or emergency phones are located.

SHARING IS GOOD: Make sure to share a copy of your class/activities schedule with your parents and a network of close friends, effectively creating a type of “buddy” system. Avoid “shortcuts” no matter how tired you are after a long day of studying. I.: Survey the campus, academic buildings, residence halls, and other facilities while classes are in session and after dark to see that buildings, walkways, quad-rangles, and parking lots are secured, lit and patrolled.