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Several million clocks were produced and sold by the end of the trademark's use in the mid 1930's.

Gustav Becker died in 1885, but the strength of his enterprise carried his name forward.

First, he created clocks in the Viennese model, and thanks to his success, in 1850 he moved his business to a better business centre.During his time in Vienna, he decided to start his own clock factory.Becker came back to Silesia in 1845, and got married.3) Clocks made in the GB Braunau factory cannot be dated with any accuracy, as the factory was possibly opened in 1888. 4) According to the books, Freiburg was making close to 100k clocks a year by 1880, so one might assume that Braunau was making somewhat less than that per year. The Braunau works operated as independent branch factory.