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Not only are the effects of drugs taking to a more dramatic extreme, Cook ends up plummeting from a high ledge and dying horribly. Optimus has to use the restroom frequently, and sees blood in his urine. Ratchet diagnoses the cancer, and Optimus finally dies in the hospital, transforming into his own casket.The episode turns out to be a dramatization and ends with a public service announcement by Optimus (who is still alive).Flannery said he chose to create as a for-profit business because philanthropic fundraising can be a huge distraction for tech companies.And top engineering talent is attracted to organizations that offer competitive salaries and benefits, unusual for a non-profit.The month, which began on a Sunday, ended on a Saturday after 28 days.

Its app is gaining popularity with people who are sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, especially farmers, drivers and merchants, Mr.

Secrets of the Animal Kingdom presents "The Lemming: Nature's Retard".

For Christmas I got a History Channel desktop calendar. Known as the Eisenhower Doctrine, the new policy established the Middle East as a new front in the Cold War.

He’s going to be able to position himself as the working class, fair trade Republican. And Hillary Clinton is not able to corral that support right now.

She’s losing the working class vote to Bernie Sanders and if Bernie Sanders is not the nominee that working class vote is undoubtedly going to to to Donald Trump.