Pros and cons of dating a personal trainer

He is the kindest person I know, and is the only guy the has accepted me for the way I am. He is a personal trainer, at a corporate wellness facility, so fitness and health is his life.I benefits of dating a swimmer this, but at the same time it drives me nuts too When my family first found out that I was dating a personal trainer, they assumed he was the stereotype, lucky for me he's not He's very motivating and keeps me accountable. These great things become a huge nuisance when I want to slack.The top reason, says relationship correspondent Jonathan Carison?"I look like Chuck Bass." The scene made me think of a story I recently came across in the Globe and Mail newspaper, which termed the ability for hot women to instil changes in their men as "the babe effect" - the fact that men will "jump through hoops ...

And if she was a super hot "babe", would it make any difference?

I'm also a Beachbody coach that wants to help others on a similar path. Wednesday, March 13, The Pros and cons of dating a personal trainer and Cons of Dating a Personal Trainer.

So I'm going to start off by saying that adn boyfriend is amazing.

Brad Pitt effectively became a philanthropic, child-adopting, motor-cycle-riding peace-lover for girlfriend Angelina Jolie.

If your girlfriend demanded you change your wardrobe, your job, your friends or your haircut, would you acquiesce?