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Arguably Tovey should be in LA, capitalising on his newly raised profile, but he’s been waiting a year to play footballer Jason in The Pass, directed by John Tiffany (Once, Let the Right One In).

“I did an early reading and thought the script was brilliant.

Called out in the press for being crude, filthy, lewd and grubby, Him & Her is a show about Becky (Sarah Solemani) and Steve (Tovey), a pair of loved-up, layabout nobodies who do nothing and go nowhere.

In short, it's everything conventional romcoms aren't and is all the funnier, more truthful for it.

That time has come, and this year he will be seen in two gay-themed roles.

As well as The Pass, he is in an HBO drama, Looking, about the lives of a group of gay men living in San Francisco, with Glee actor Jonathan Groff. “I wanted to play American but they wanted the whole One Direction, Downton Abbey vibe because Brits are cool.” The eight-part series goes out on Sky Atlantic this month.

before it was announced that the Eleventh Doctor would be played by Matt Smith.

Tovey reprised his role as Midshipman Alonso Frame in the 2009-10 Doctor Who Christmas special, The End of Time.

like drag queens, rent boys, someone who has been abused, a rapist", though noting that he does not consider himself "fucked-up".One part facial elastics to two parts yappy bounce, interviewing Russell Tovey is a bit like grilling Scooby-Doo.Sitting in his local in north London, a chalkboard menu and Chesterfield sofas kind of affair, Tovey proudly holds forth on Him & Her, scattering his sentences with endearing yelps and incredulous splutters. Stefan [Golaszewski, the writer] has notched it up, the characters have become more grotesque," he explains over a ginger ale.This has been the year of equal marriage, but also the year when trans people finally began to glimpse the sort of respect and equality that gay people can, at last, expect. Let us know what you think on Twitter at #Pink List2013, or write to [email protected](2012 judge) Paris Lees @Paris Lees readers will never have heard of Paris Lees, but our judges believe that the award-winning journalist, broadcaster and campaigner for transgender rights is leading a slow but determined change in attitudes for the better.