Ses consolidating

Among the key candidates for consolidation are the state’s 859 local school districts, which consume nearly two-thirds of the billion in local property taxes that local governments across Illinois collect each year.

O3b is expected to generate revenue of around US$ 100 million in 2016, nearly doubling the revenue recorded in 2015.

RATINGS RATIONALE The rating affirmation reflects: (1) the strategic fit and revenue contribution from O3b's satellite constellation to SES's geostationary satellite fleet; (2) the cautious approach SES has taken with respect to increasing its stake in O3b, in line with its return requirements for infrastructure investments; and (3) an expectation that SES's financing for its own peaking capex program and a potentially increased stake in O3b in the future would be balanced and in line with SES's financial policies and our credit metric expectations.

O3b's network's high-throughput and low-latency capabilities fit well with SES's strategic objectives of growth in its Mobility, Enterprise and Government market segments and in faster growing emerging markets.

Individual departments within the organization might, for example, decide to leverage AWS resources for a particular project.

While this type of AWS usage does have its place, it can also create problems.