Sonic dla updating media

However, since the Microsoft update update was to resolve other compatibility issues, eg Adobe Creative Suite CS2, Outlook 2003, Encarta, plus 80 other applications/suites, this is not ideal and merely sweeps the issue under the rug.

The problem gets worse, because now Microsoft has released update KB932246 which contains new compatibility fixes for 8 other applications and is also roll up of the previous one, KB929427 (see above).

As for updates, no idea, I just do tech, I can ask someone in Sales tomorrow. The main difference IS the dual layer support, and we're running an ad where if you have 7.0 basic you can upgrade to 7.2 basic for . I've been using DLA 4.60 and it doesn't work very well with some of the newer drives. What is the latest version of DLA and how can people upgrade? I will have a Dual Layer DVD Burner (for Benq DW822A per firmware update in Sep. I got Sonic Record Now 6.7 bundled with my Benq DW822A drive and it would be fair from Sonic to get a free update with support for Dual Layer burning in September!

If you don't have a dual layer burner, just stick with 7.0. I upgraded to 4.90 and the performance doesn't seem to be as good as with 4.60. I also have one COMPLAINT: I would be glad to buy Sonic Record Now Deluxe v7.2, BUT in a few days/weeks, Sonic will probably release v7.3, and I will not be able to update to that version (at least not for free)!

DLA is a packet writing technology for CD and DVD media that uses the UDF file system.

An OEM version was often available for download for the specific computer system.

When will the 'clerical error' mentioned in your support article 000131CR be fixed and published to Microsoft?

Lite On Customer Free My DVD Update 4.x to 5.2.3: Sony Record Now Free Update 6.7.1: My DVD Free Update 5.2.3 [Username: Sony / Password: My DVD Serial]: We also have a new PX engine: Update PX Engine Link: [This is the engine we use to burn] ...

After that, all is well and the system runs even better than ever (a major plus after removing AVG). research seems to indicate that this is a BIOS setup problem, but the research doesn't tell me what to do about it.

I'm 99% convinced the problem doesn't lie with the hardware - and there is a connection with the trashed optical drive. In my totally untutored way I'm thinking that the startup is somehow confused by the dead drive. How does the computer boot when tapping F8 and selecting Safe Mode. that does not solve the problem then do a clean boot. There was only one AVG autorun entry: it related to the Remover Tool and was labelled 'Run once only'.