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Eastman sat down with us to talk about five major social scenarios we all encounter, and gave us the real scoop on how to be exceptionally successful—whether you’re meeting your significant other’s parents or hitting a bar looking to hook up.These aren’t your grandma’s nonverbal communicative tips, so read to learn how to effectively conquer the social stratosphere! A first date First thing’s first: the most important vibe to give off is awareness, both of yourself and of your partner.

Well, get your head out of your hands and understand that there is much more to the flirting and dating game than just showing off and gathering up the courage to engage in conversation.And according to body language expert Blake Eastman, the founder of Manhattan-based research and teaching organization the Nonverbal Group, not only are physical signals important impactful than the words we say.“These little slices of how you interact with other people are a big deal in your day-to-day life,” Eastman says.Men are usually reacting to a woman’s body language, those complex and subtle signals that invite us to make a move.That’s why being able to interpret a woman’s body language the right way is important.