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let say that I have a multiple databases in my Couch DB, one per user, each of db have a one config document.I need to add a property to that document across all dbs.This topic guide describes Django’s support for interacting with multiple databases.Most of the rest of Django’s documentation assumes you are interacting with a single database.The default routing scheme ensures that objects remain ‘sticky’ to their original database (i.e., an object retrieved from the database.You don’t have to do anything to activate the default routing scheme – it is provided ‘out of the box’ on every Django project.It validates the migration history in the databases to catch problems with the existing migration files (which could be caused by editing them) before creating new migrations.By default, it checks only the The easiest way to use multiple databases is to set up a database routing scheme.

Solution : In your case, you have only one option to connect different databases in loops and then run the query in the loop for every DB.Even if you have everything in a single database it's not possible to do it in a quick way (there is no equivalent to a SQL update/where statement).The thing I want to do, is update all the "pwd_user" fields in "prc_test.user" with the values from pwd_user from "prc.user" But in the prc_test.user, the id are not the same as in prc.user, so I thought of doing it with the "name_user", (there are no doubles). I searched on Google, but what I found is always for some specific cases, or for insert statements... Alex has been helping data professionals apply Dev Ops principles to relational database development and deployment since 2010.He's most proud of helping Sky Scanner develop the ability to deploy 95 times a day.